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Jennifer Aniston’s Stripper-Body Secret Revealed

Jennifer Aniston’s Stripper-Body Secret RevealedDespite being on a diet, Jennifer Aniston still binge on chips – kale chips that is.

It’s quite common for a person on a diet to fall for the temptations of forbidden foods. This is the reason why some people would usually fail after a week of being on a strict diet, because they just couldn’t help not eating what they used to eat before which includes junk foods. Jennifer Aniston is no different. She also feels the same way, and at some point she would give in. But if so, how did she manage to stay in great shape? Here’s her secret.

In an interview about her upcoming movie “We’re The Millers,” Jennifer Aniston was asked how she achieved that could-definitely-pass-for-a-stripper body (Don’t get me wrong, she looked great even before, but even better for this movie) and she explained that she just stayed away from junk foods.

But did she ever have a cheat day? Oh yes. But still she managed to keep it healthy, still, by eating kale chips and nothing else. You read it right, the good old and not so great tasting super-food known as kale made into chips is Jennifer Aniston’s source only source of feel-good food.

If you’ve already seen the sneak peak of the movie, where she (playing a stripper) danced wearing almost nothing on a stage, you’ll definitely see that her “strict diet” really worked.

Fans can definitely expect to see more of Aniston’s great body in the film. She, however, made it clear that she didn’t starve herself while doing the film, but was just very strict with herself not to eat anything that’s not on her diet plan

Aniston explained that her diet doesn’t consist anything extraordinary but vegetables and lean proteins. But she said that she also has kale in it which actually saved her at times when she feels she needed to eat something not so healthy, and then she would eat kale chips.

On the other hand, it wasn’t all how her body looked like that concerned her but also how much is to be shown. The former Friends star said that she made it a point that she come prepared in every scene so that what’s supposed to be kept remained kept – somewhere. She told in one magazine interview that she would use 3 bras and 3 kinds of underJennifer Aniston’s Stripper-Body Secret Revealed1wear, just to keep “them” there, not for others to see, in every strip scene in the movie.

Jennifer is also filming another movie, “Squirrels for Nuts” while she does her “We’re the Millers” promos.

When asked if they already have a wedding date, she’s engaged to Justin Theroux, Jennifer revealed that they’re really not in a rush.

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